Germanium UpLift Body - Roze London
Germanium UpLift Body - Roze London
Germanium UpLift Body - Roze London
Germanium UpLift Body - Roze London
Germanium UpLift Body - Roze London
Germanium UpLift Body - Roze London

Germanium UpLift Body

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Our Germanium UpLift Y-Roller is a unique innovative roller, with hand-picked germanium massaging stones installed - enhancing and uplifting the face and body. The Y-Shaped head provides a deep powerful massaging ability that would help relieve tension from your body (although also great on face, neck and chest). Famously used by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, who called it her "magic wand of beauty". The tool uses high-frequency sonic vibrations to help with UpLift your skin’s appearance. Simply press down and roll the tool on your thighs, calves, arms, chest and abdomen. The unique double hexagonal shape and its rhythmic action help the roller mimic the classic facial massage technique, elevating a renewed, youthful-looking skin.


  • Tightens and energizes skin to firmer and more radiant-looking
  • Increases body blood circulation, eliminates any puffy
  • Germanium massaging stones help activate skin cells and reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • On clean dry skin apply your favourite body cream, face cream, oil or your favourite moisturiser
  • Thighs: Press down and roll over the outer thighs, moving to the back of your thighs and finishing up with inner thighs
  • Calves: Press down and roll across your calves
  • Arms: Press down and roll the tool up and down your arms and forearms
  • Chest and Abdomen: Press down gently and roll the tool back and forth motion
  • Neck workout: Press down at the base of the beck, gently press down and roll upwards motion towards jawline – Avoid using the product over your throat area
  • Ensure you cleanse your product before using on face
  • Jawline: Softly roll upwards towards the ears and under the chin in small strokes
  • Cheeks: Start from jawline and roll up to your cheeks slowly and switch sides
  • Press down gently and roll in upwards from
  • Once done, finish off with rinsing the massager with hot water and pat dry. Can be cleaned occasionally using alcohol for the prevention of bacteria build-up

Warning: If you're pregnant, have metal allergies or any other medical conditions, please consult your medical professional before using this product. Immediately stop using if any discomfort is suspected and seek medical advice. Avoid using on very sensitive areas such as nose and throat.